Anna and Mia (and Cleo)

Anna & Mia-0001Anna & Mia-0007 Anna & Mia-0004 I birthed a baby around 12 months ago, she is called Alice and she is an incredible little human.   Being a parent is both joyful and terrifying.  I never thought I had it in me to become one….but I am one, so there. There are so many things I could say on the subject but I’ll skip past all of that stuff and cut to the chase.

Being a Mum has unlocked something inside me, deep, deep down underneath all the bravado and cheese fat (yes, cheese fat), something I’ve managed to suppress and conceal for a very long time…

….I want to/need to/simply MUST cuddle babies all day long for ever and ever.

Ok maybe I’m over-stating for effect, but I certainly do enjoy being around the little folk so much more now that I have one of my own.  It’s bloomin’ wonderful.

Which brings me to my point.  I recently decided to embark upon a solo project of sorts..partly because it’s something I can do without Rob (who works a lot), partly for the extra income….but mostly, and I’ve got to be honest here, I just can’t get enough of sticking my camera right in the middle of delicate, intimate interactions shared by people (and sometimes animals) who love each other entirely and completely.

Like these two…              (…well technically three if you count Cleo, the guardian cat of Mia).

I ‘popped’ my newborn photo shoot ‘cherry’ with Anna and Mia…..and oh my. These two are an awesome little family unit and so happy to be with each other, which really just made my job kinda easy. Such closeness.  To be privvy to this was nothing short of magical.


Anna & Mia-0001Anna & Mia-0002Anna & Mia-0003Anna & Mia-0004Anna & Mia-0005Anna & Mia-0006Anna & Mia-0007Anna & Mia-0008Anna & Mia-0009Anna & Mia-0010Anna & Mia-0011Anna & Mia-0012Anna & Mia-0013