Hayley and Chris’ Awesome DIY Brisbane Backyard Wedding

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There’s a lot I could say about this one…..the attention to detail, the festival feel, the colour, the vibrancy, the lashings of DIY, the unconventional-yet-perfectly-suited dress, the ’thrown’ together bouquets, the stunning bride, bridesmaids, the cake….I could honestly bend your ear off spraffing about all of these things if you let me…

The thought, creativity and hard work that went into the aesthetics of Hayley & Chris’ day was so very evident, a lovely little oasis of pretty in the comfort of their own back yard. So I was already feeling pretty confident, knowing that, as weddings go, everything was looking set for me to capture a gorgeous day.

…but I was soon to find out, while pretty things are important on a wedding day, this wedding day had much more than that.

I arrived to a best man meticulously decorating the venue with flower settings and tree stumps… you know, the usual stuff that best men do on the wedding day.

Upstairs, two bridesmaids washed dishes, while the third finished the cake off… you know, the usual stuff that bridesmaids do on the wedding day.

Behind the scenes, the Father of the Bride prepared food platters, arranging them beautifully… you know, the usual stuff that FOB’s do on the wedding day.

After the ceremony, the brother of the bride performed a stunning solo acoustic set… you know, the usual stuff that BROB’s do on the wedding day.

Two friends took the stage and performed a number of songs, with one song especially written for the couple, recorded and provided on CD for each guest to take home… you know, the usual stuff that FROB’s do on the wedding day.

All day long, the bridal party were backing and forthing with glasses, bottles of champagne, chairs, hats and other random objects that needed to be moved to another place… you know, the usual stuff that a bridal party does on the wedding day (well….ok, I’ll give you this one).

But get this…..prior to the day, a family member contacted me to let me know that the photographer (i.e. me) would be a present (from various guests) to the bride and groom as they couldn’t bear to let them get married without one….oh you know, just something wonderful that the most important people in your lives do for you…for your wedding day.

I realised that these two folks are pretty well loved, and that must mean that they are awesome… yes?


…so there I was, basking in the love that was flying in all directions on this special day, silently (and professionally of course) blubbering behind my lens as I felt overwhelmingly grateful to be part of this pretty (because as I said, it’s important), this wonderful, this magical togetherness.

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Anna and Mia (and Cleo)

Anna & Mia-0001Anna & Mia-0007 Anna & Mia-0004 I birthed a baby around 12 months ago, she is called Alice and she is an incredible little human.   Being a parent is both joyful and terrifying.  I never thought I had it in me to become one….but I am one, so there. There are so many things I could say on the subject but I’ll skip past all of that stuff and cut to the chase.

Being a Mum has unlocked something inside me, deep, deep down underneath all the bravado and cheese fat (yes, cheese fat), something I’ve managed to suppress and conceal for a very long time…

….I want to/need to/simply MUST cuddle babies all day long for ever and ever.

Ok maybe I’m over-stating for effect, but I certainly do enjoy being around the little folk so much more now that I have one of my own.  It’s bloomin’ wonderful.

Which brings me to my point.  I recently decided to embark upon a solo project of sorts..partly because it’s something I can do without Rob (who works a lot), partly for the extra income….but mostly, and I’ve got to be honest here, I just can’t get enough of sticking my camera right in the middle of delicate, intimate interactions shared by people (and sometimes animals) who love each other entirely and completely.

Like these two…              (…well technically three if you count Cleo, the guardian cat of Mia).

I ‘popped’ my newborn photo shoot ‘cherry’ with Anna and Mia…..and oh my. These two are an awesome little family unit and so happy to be with each other, which really just made my job kinda easy. Such closeness.  To be privvy to this was nothing short of magical.

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Alex and Dustin – Noosa – Australia

Alex & Dustin Blog - robandlizzie - 28Alex & Dustin Blog - robandlizzie - 37 Alex & Dustin Blog - robandlizzie - 52Deep in the Noosa rainforest there’s an old tree where young men go to carve the names of the women they love. 8 years ago a group of guys hiked into the forest, heading for the tree, and Dustin had a name to carve…

Noosa has played a big part in Alex and Dustin’s relationship so there was nowhere better to tie the knot than a little hidden grove overlooking the main beach.  Friends, family, cocktails, ferry rides, laughter, hugs, dancing, singing, sparklers and a healthy swig of Bundaburg Rum.

Our first shoot in Noosa… it wasn’t bad…

It was great..!
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Kaya and Ben – Midginbil HIll – Australia

Kaya and Ben Midginbil Hill 002 robandlizzieKaya and Ben Midginbil Hill 037 robandlizzieKaya and Ben Midginbil Hill 051 robandlizzieEarth, Wind, Fire and Rain…

Earth… Planet Earth… specifically Australia… more specifically New South Wales… even more specifically Midginbil Hill… but this was Earth nonetheless, and a really pretty corner of it.

There was rain certainly, which is kinda what you’d expect in such a lush forest valley, otherwise where would all the trees and grass and stuff have come from….but what’s good for a tree and what’s good for a wedding aren’t always the same thing. It would take more than a little rain to stop these guys, so the rain came, plans changed, every guest stepped up.

And there was fire, a huge fire. Large enough to warm a rowdy viking crew. Probably large enough to be seen from space, well maybe not SPACE space but certainly it was a decent sized fire…

Oh and there was Karaoke, which is like singing, kinda breathy and windy. Yeah, that counts as wind.

…so Earth, Wind, Rain and Fire… I stand by that..!

Of course there were people too… old friends and close family, filling every possible space with energy, you know, that rare kind of energy. The best kind.
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Erin & Andrew – Burleigh Heads – Australia

E&A Solaris Photography Australia-018 E&A Solaris Photography Australia-030 E&A Solaris Photography Australia-032We were only back in Australia for a week when I ran into my old band manager Joe… “Did you hear? Petersen’s getting married on Saturday!”

I’ve known Andrew for a long time and we used to play together in Indigo Husk too many years ago now than I’d care to admit but it had been a long time since I’d seen him.

So on a sunny summer day, surrounded by friends and family and overlooking the ocean at Burleigh Heads, my friend married the woman he loves, and Lizzie and I were so happy to be there to document what happened.
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