A Holiday In Cambodia – not a wedding

Photo by Rob Mynard http://www.robandlizzie.com“It’s a holiday in Cambodia
Where people dress in Black
It’s a holiday in Cambodia
Where you’ll take a photo of a yak*”

*it wasn’t a yak, it was a cow…

Lizzie traveled a bunch in SE Asia before we met and my friend Doug lived in Cambodia shooting some incredible stuff, but the closest I’d ever gotten was a single night layover in KL where i accidentally ordered a BBQ squid that was so hot I temporarily fell into the future… Now I can no longer wallow in self pity at my lack of SE Asian adventures, cause in February I got to join a bunch of photographers for a crazy week pointing cameras at Siem Reap…
I learned a couple of things –

1 – When you combine a reduced distance to the equator with lots of low lying water (rice paddies, rivers and an enormous lake) things get sweaty very quickly.
2 – The insect repellent they give you in Aus to battle the other side effect of point 1 will eat through your watch band/camera/lungs etc…
3 – Tuk-tuks are an awesome way to get around but i do loves me some road rules… and…
4 – Cambodia is an incredible place… a jaw-droppingly templey, monkish, sauna of a place, crippled by an enormous level of poverty and corruption but full of proud, beautiful people.

Cambodia… it’s Cam-tastic!

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