Zoe & Susan – Wananavu – Fiji

Z&S Solaris Photography Australia - 01Z&S Solaris Photography Australia - 45Z&S Solaris Photography Australia - 72I’m a sucker for a good story. Books, movies, music, photography it’s all about stories.

Zoe and Susan were married in Fiji.  It sounds simple, just two people in love coming together, but if you look closer you start to see the stories.  Little ones at first but as they interweave they become bigger and soon you realise that this wedding is not just a simple love story at all, it’s an adventure, and its huge!

Zoe and Susan were married in Fiji.  But we come into their story much earlier…
When Lizzie was 19 she took a trip to Cyprus for her Auntie’s 40th where she spent a very drunken evening wandering the streets with a shopping trolley and a girl named Zoe.  13 years and many adventures later the girls met again in Cyprus, this time both girls were joined by their fiance’s.

Zoe and Susan were married in Fiji.  Loved ones came from all across the globe for a week long party ensuring that the girls’ friends became everyone’s friends… and if that didn’t bring people together the appearance of cyclone Evan sure would.

Zoe and Susan were married in Fiji.  It wasn’t the start of the story and it certainly isn’t the end, but it was the chapter that Lizzie and I were asked to tell and we could never thank them enough for letting us be a part of it.
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Margarita & Themis – Larnaca – Cyprus

M&T Solaris Photography Australia - 31M&T Solaris Photography Australia - 48M&T Solaris Photography Australia - 60Greek Orthodox weddings are a huge party, with a house full of guests, musicians, singing, dancing and plenty of ritual and pageantry… and thats just to get the groom dressed.

Last year in Cyprus, Lizzie & I shot the wedding of Maria & Zacharias, met their beautiful girl Xenia and their friends and families. We loved being part of it all and so when we got a message asking if we would be interested in shooting Maria’s sister’s wedding we jumped at the chance.

Margarita & Themis’ day didn’t disappoint, a sunset ceremony in a beautiful old church and then dinner and dancing on the edge of the Mediterranean watched over by the supermoon.

Not too shabby.
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Erin & Andrew – Burleigh Heads – Australia

E&A Solaris Photography Australia-018 E&A Solaris Photography Australia-030 E&A Solaris Photography Australia-032We were only back in Australia for a week when I ran into my old band manager Joe… “Did you hear? Petersen’s getting married on Saturday!”

I’ve known Andrew for a long time and we used to play together in Indigo Husk too many years ago now than I’d care to admit but it had been a long time since I’d seen him.

So on a sunny summer day, surrounded by friends and family and overlooking the ocean at Burleigh Heads, my friend married the woman he loves, and Lizzie and I were so happy to be there to document what happened.
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Denise & Daniel – Grecian Park – Cyprus

Denise & Daniel-17Denise & Daniel-60Denise & Daniel-67Lizzie and I were deep into the planning of our own wedding, our heads overflowing with ideas we’d gleaned from all the amazing couples we’ve met over the past few years, from handmade brooch bouquets and button-holes all the way down to personalised all-stars…

And that’s when we met Denise & Daniel the psychic bride & groom whose big day incorporated so much of what we’d had in mind… and it was fantastic.
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Anya & Dan – Manchester Town Hall – England

It was so lovely to be back in Manchester for the second time this year.  I used to call this place my home for some time and so I’m always happy to get the chance to return and catch up with old friends.  For Rob it’s an added opportunity to further explore this musical mecca and revel in his love of icy weather (madness).

What made this visit extra fun was it’s festive time of year.  Anya & Dan’s exquisite Town Hall wedding venue overlooked Manchester’s legendary Christmas market with all it’s heady scents and twinkly lights.  How fitting then that their ‘champagne’ reception would alternatively offer up of mugs of delicious steaming hot mulled wine over the choice of a more traditional glass of bubbly.

This day presented some really lovely moments not to mention cool detail, from ice sculpture centerpieces (literally cool) to the bride stepping up behind the decks to rock the dance floor – the special stuff that awesome days are made of.

Beautiful people. Beautiful day.
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Victoria & Trevor – Anassa – Cyprus

One of our favourite weddings from 2011…

With the whole family tearing up and down the halls of the hotel, it was as if we had the amazing Anassa all to ourselves for the afternoon. Even as we rushed down to the beach to catch the sunset, the other hotel guests must have secretly twigged what we were up to as we were suddenly left alone to splash about and skim some stones with the kids.  A little dancing, a quick game of tag and a pinch of silliness.

This was a small family wedding with huge personality, a big thanks to Vicky & Trevor for inviting us.
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