Kaya and Ben – Midginbil HIll – Australia

Kaya and Ben Midginbil Hill 002 robandlizzieKaya and Ben Midginbil Hill 037 robandlizzieKaya and Ben Midginbil Hill 051 robandlizzieEarth, Wind, Fire and Rain…

Earth… Planet Earth… specifically Australia… more specifically New South Wales… even more specifically Midginbil Hill… but this was Earth nonetheless, and a really pretty corner of it.

There was rain certainly, which is kinda what you’d expect in such a lush forest valley, otherwise where would all the trees and grass and stuff have come from….but what’s good for a tree and what’s good for a wedding aren’t always the same thing. It would take more than a little rain to stop these guys, so the rain came, plans changed, every guest stepped up.

And there was fire, a huge fire. Large enough to warm a rowdy viking crew. Probably large enough to be seen from space, well maybe not SPACE space but certainly it was a decent sized fire…

Oh and there was Karaoke, which is like singing, kinda breathy and windy. Yeah, that counts as wind.

…so Earth, Wind, Rain and Fire… I stand by that..!

Of course there were people too… old friends and close family, filling every possible space with energy, you know, that rare kind of energy. The best kind.
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